А ещё - у КинКов очень клевые фанаты. И они много пишут такого.. хорошего. Всякого-разного.
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-- :(( i'm crying watching Koichi sing Anniversary alone..poor Koichi..he is trying his best to tell us to not worry with Tsuyoshi and everything is fine.. yet he seems struggle without Tsuyoshi beside him. Not saying that he's not good but he looks kinda lonely (and pain). I'm so worry for both of them. Pretty sure that Tsuyoshi must be hard to get rest when he watch his partner perform without him.
Of all everything that happen, there always be a good thing inside it. I bet this make Ko-chan and Tsuyopon become much more stronger together and they maybe realize that its hard for both of them to go separate ways when they saw what happen. (They need each other more than us need them :D )
I'm still worry more for Tsuyoshi. I don't know how much he can take this for his future career plus his knee still not recover yet. It will not be the same as before and since he love his music so much, i'm pretty worry for his feeling on this. I hope Koichi will be stricter with him after this.

-- I'm a big fan of Koichi's solo works (Shock etc.). He is an excellent performer and commands the stage perfectly alone. The same goes for Tsuyo.
However, this solo performance of Anniversary was particularly heart-wrenching, despite the relatively sweet lyrics. Not sure if it's a performance choice on Koichi's part but his voice had more than the usual tinge of melancholy. The absence of Tsuyo was acutely felt.
However, I hope fans don't overreact. Koichi, Nagase and Matsujun have said that Tsuyo is in good spirits. He just temporarily has some problems hearing. Personally, as a healthcare professional, the majority of people I've seen recover just fine from SSHL so there is no need to fear that Tsuyo would suffer from any long-term effects. What's best for us fans to do now is show our support by boosting sales for their latest single.
The performance of Aisareru yori Aishitai with the new footage of Miman City has me looking forward to the SP though. Grateful that Aiba and Matsujun were there to perform with him.

-- I thought I would cry when Anniversary starts but I already started tearing during the middle of Aiai Orz
Kouichi kept smiling the whole time, as if he was assuring the fans that everything is fine. He interacted so much with all the people who helped him, like patting their shoulders or even hugging them, and said thank you and sorry constantly... He handled everything so professionally.
But when Matsujun and Aiba left him alone on the stage and the piano melody of Anniversary started, his expression changed within a moment , all I could see was a lonely Kouchan T_T that sigh he heaved ungh...
And it didnt help at all that he chose the 2nd verse of Anniversary to sing... T_T and the way he sang "ra" of "wasuretakunai kara" sounded like Tsuyoshi *sobs* I ve never seen (or heard) such a Kouchan, his facial expression and the way he sang during Anniversary are just painful to watch... but at the same time I loved it so much that I re-watched it so many times ... i must be a ド M...
Also, still super worried for Tsuyo... There is no way that he doesnt feel bad about this, but that s the only thing I dont want him to feel. I hope he recovers in peace, takes all the time he needs and comes back when he is fully recovered. I dont want his apologize by then either. All I want is a healthy Tsuyoshi, who would stand next to Kouichi and maybe tease him about how he sang "irororare" instead of "irodorare"


--the kind of fate that binds kinki together, deserves to last forever. the kind of love they have so deeply for each other, indescribable

--anniversary lyrics sung by koichi alone are so heart wrenching
somehow miraculously you love me /
I don't know why but that's how it is

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